Mission statement: High Tide Resources’ mission is to bring value to shareholders through the development of advanced mining projects in secure jurisdictions while adhering to industry best practices and maintaining the highest environmental, social responsibility and governance standards.

Corporate Governance:  High Tide is dedicated to the responsible and profitable development of mineral resources for the benefit of its shareholders and other stakeholders. Ethical conduct is an essential in performing responsibly and profitably. Ultimately, High Tide’s success and growth depends upon the trust and confidence it builds with all of its stakeholders.

Community input and support is key in creating trust and High Tide is dedicated to ensuring that its activities are conducted in a manner that the maximum benefit to the local communities.

Responsibility: High Tide’s Sustainability Strategy focusses on four key areas: People, environment, community and corporate governance.

High Tide is committed to initiatives which incorporate environmental, social, and governance criteria into our operating framework and reflect a commitment to partners, shareholders, and the communities in which we operate.  ESG is an evolving process of aligning operations and controls with core values as a company.


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